A Smarter Approach to Cloud Communications

IPC-FastspectrumUnified communications (UC) systems unite voice, conferencing, presence, instant messaging and other collaboration tools into one cohesive solution. By eliminating communication silos, UC enables organizations to become more productive, enhance customer service and make faster, more-informed decisions.

Despite these benefits, UC adoption rates have never really met expectations. Traditional on-premises deployments require large upfront investments and often come with significant challenges and business disruption. Cloud-based platforms relieve these headaches but bring concerns about security and regulatory compliance.

IPC’s FastSpectrum ® solution resolves this dilemma.

FastSpectrum is a private-cloud solution that delivers all the infrastructure and services required to support advanced business communications, allowing customers to conserve cash, improve efficiency and accelerate business opportunities. By incorporating proven voice, video and conferencing technologies from ShoreTel and carrier-grade connectivity from AT&T, IPC has created a unique offering that lowers both the cost and risk of migrating to a leading-edge communication and collaboration platform.

In a typical public-cloud UC model, the service provider owns and manages the hardware used to deliver communication and collaboration applications over the public Internet. This enables customers to gain access to UC services in a flexible, pay-as-you-go model. However, each physical server in the provider’s data center will contain multiple virtual servers that deliver compute, storage and even application instances to various clients. Some organizations either won’t or can’t allow their data to be commingled in this way.

Private clouds generally offer much tighter security, access controls and governance. A private cloud involves dedicated computing resources that are not shared with other customers, whether they are located on-premises or hosted in a service provider’s data center. However, a private cloud requires purchasing, sizing, deploying and managing a considerable amount of dedicated hardware, including a phone system, routers and switches, servers, storage, and more. Few organizations have the resources and expertise to execute such a strategy.

With FastSpectrum, we host an enterprise-class IP phone system in a secure, managed data center environment, giving you state-of-the-art UC functionality in a highly secure environment. The solution can be expanded to include a feature-rich contact center solution and videoconferencing and content sharing. Hardware, software, storage and network connections are configured to ensure your data remains fully segregated from other customer environments.

Everything is financed through an operating expense leasing arrangement that gives you multiple, flexible end-of-term options. When the contract is up, you can choose to renew the agreement, refresh or return the equipment, or buy the gear and convert everything to an on-premises deployment.

Over the course of the lease, IPC will maintain the equipment exclusively for you in a single-tenant model. The resources of our Network Operations Center and managed services team will provide the management and support needed to ensure the success of your UC system.

FastSpectrum delivers all the operational and financial benefits of cloud-based UC in a highly secure solution. Let us show you how FastSpectrum makes it easy and cost-effective to take advantage of unified communicatiosn.