5 Reasons to Run the Mitel UCaaS Solution on Google Cloud

Organizations are shifting their business communications to the cloud in order to save money, reduce their management burden and take advantage of multiple advanced features. However, the move can present significant architectural and operational challenges.

Mitel is eliminating many of those challenges through its partnership with Google. The companies recently announced that Mitel’s flagship Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) product, MiCloud Flex, is now available on Google Cloud Platform — a move designed to enhance reliability, security and scalability.

The UCaaS model allows you to access an assortment of advanced communication technologies and applications on any Internet-connected device for a monthly fee. But without a robust underlying infrastructure, all those applications and features can increase network congestion, latency and configuration errors that result in unpredictable voice and video performance.

Reliability, Security and More

Google Cloud Platform provides dramatically enhanced reliability, with 99.9982 percent global uptime. Built on the same technology that powers billions of search results, real-time communications and videos each month, Google Cloud leverages a global network of high-availability data centers to facilitate reliable and secure communications.

Here are five essential benefits of having MiCloud Flex running on the Google Cloud Platform:

Multilayered security.

Security is a priority for Google, which serves more than a billion end-users every day across seven cloud products. Google Cloud was built to meet the most rigorous privacy and compliance standards that test for data safety, privacy and security. MiCloud Flex and your critical business communications are protected by the same secure-by-design infrastructure, global network and built-in safeguards that will mitigate most security threats.

Reliable infrastructure. 

Google runs on a global fiber network that ensures continuous flow of data to and from more than 35 countries. With a network of Tier 3+ data centers, redundant cloud regions and high-bandwidth connectivity via subsea cables, every aspect of the infrastructure is designed to ensure the reliable delivery of voice, video and data around the world.

Fast provisioning. 

MiCloud Flex’s fully managed, serverless offerings reduce operational complexity and eliminate the need to spend hours provisioning software and hardware. MiCloud Flex is available as a completely managed service in the cloud — Mitel maintains the virtual environment and provisions extra capacity when needed.

Continuous innovation.

Google is among the leaders in the development of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). MiCloud Flex leverages Google’s AI capability to generate deep insights into data and performance. Additionally, serverless data analytics and machine learning integrated into the MiCloud Flex Contact Center platform help turn your data into actionable insights.

Geographic reach

. Mitel has selected a subset of Google’s global network of data centers, focusing initially on delivering MiCloud Flex in the U.S., U.K. and France across 20 regions, 61 zones and 134 network edge locations. Future expansion will extend the reach into additional countries.

How IPC Can Help

As a Mitel Platinum Partner, IPC can leverage its expertise in MiCloud deployments to create customized UCaaS solutions. With the costs and complexities of managing data center environments shifted to Google, we can focus our efforts on continued delivery of value-added support and services for customers.

For example, our UCaaS specialists can leverage a variety of programming interfaces to integrate MiCloud Flex with popular back-office applications such as CRM and ERP systems. We can also help customers integrate advanced communications and collaboration applications, including Mitel’s MiTeam Meetings, a real-time, virtual meeting workspace with voice, video and chat, and MiCloud Flex Contact Center with omnichannel and Google Contact Center AI capabilities.