Cloud-Based UC Initiatives Require Homework

Organizations of all sizes are adopting cloud-based unified communications (UC) services to gain cost efficiencies, agility, resiliency and scalability. But while the benefits of cloud-based UC are easily identifiable, organizations must weigh a variety of deployment options and infrastructure considerations … Read More

Video Conferencing Trends to Watch

It is well accepted that nonverbal cues such as facial expressions, gestures, eye contact and posture are important elements of interpersonal communication. That’s why video conferencing is such a powerful tool for connecting with colleagues and partners over distance. However, … Read More

Why SIP-Based Video Conferencing Is Gaining Traction

Video conferencing adoption is on the rise. On the most basic level, quality is improving and costs are dropping. Business value is increasing as organizations use video conferencing to recruit employees, bring together distributed workforces and meet with clients anywhere … Read More

How Software-Defined WAN Enables Unified Communications

Many organizations have struggled to take full advantage of their unified communications (UC) deployments, usually because of a lack of planning and buy-in across the organization. However, the perception of UC has begun to change. Organizations are now viewing UC … Read More

Mobile UC Is at the Core of Digital Transformation

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The Business Case for a Cloud-Based Contact Center

As we discussed in our last post, the contact center plays a key role in the “unified commerce” model that is critical to success in today’s retail environment. However, customer satisfaction with contact center interactions has declined over the past … Read More

The Contact Center: Critical Link in the Customer Experience

Today’s consumers expect shopping to be easy and convenient regardless of location, channel or device. This is driving the so-called “unified commerce” approach to retail, which allows purchases to be made, fulfilled and returned across brick-and-mortar and online channels. A … Read More

CPaaS Integrates Communications Functions with Apps and Workflows

Traditionally, communication functionality has existed in silos. Phone systems, video conferencing platforms and collaboration tools were completely separate. Unified communications (UC) brings those tools together within a single interface, but UC still exists in a dedicated platform built specifically for … Read More