UC Platforms Require Special Security Focus

IP-based unified communications (UC) systems enable a variety of operational and cost benefits by uniting telephony, email, voicemail, messaging, mobility, conferencing and more into a single, coherent communications platform. However, as organizations look to take advantage UC’s benefits, they should … Read More

How Voice Quality Monitoring Adds to the Value of UC

Quality of Service (QoS) management is an important element of any unified communications (UC) deployment. Network engineers employ a variety of QoS methods to ensure that delay-sensitive voice and video traffic doesn’t suffer degradations while running alongside best-effort data packets. … Read More

Hold the Phone: How to Manage Your Telecom Expenses

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Keep Your Contact Center Focused on Customer Satisfaction

By some estimates, United Airlines shed more than $1 billion in market value in the immediate aftermath of the widely publicized forcible removal of a passenger. While most industry analysts believe the company’s stock price will gradually rebound, the episode … Read More

The End-User Experience Is Key to UC Success

Technology gives us powerful tools for doing our jobs better — provided we know how to use them. When new technology doesn’t work the way we expect, it can become a source of extreme frustration. Just ask Lucas Hinch. In … Read More

How the Right Collaboration Tool Brings Teams Together

Virtual working has become the reality of business today. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 4.5 percent of workers identify themselves as telecommuters, although the actual number is much higher when you consider those who telecommute on occasion. A … Read More