IP Phone Systems Need Security, Too

Voice over IP (VoIP) systems have become inviting targets for cyber criminals. A new report from IBM’s Security Intelligence group notes a sharp rise in attacks exploiting Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), the most common signaling protocol used for establishing communications … Read More

Migrating UC to the Cloud: A Strategic Approach

In our last post, we discussed the importance of taking a measured approach when migrating from legacy phone systems to modern unified communications (UC) systems. Such moves deliver undeniable business benefits, but they also require careful planning and diligent management … Read More

Why Unified Communications Requires a Strategic Approach

Unified communications can dramatically increase productivity and enhance interactions between employees, customers and business partners. However, a new survey by Integrated Research Ltd. reveals that many organizations fail to approach UC projects strategically, limiting the potential value of the technology. … Read More

UC Platforms Can Transform Government Operations

Good government is an inherently collaborative exercise. Federal, state and local agencies must communicate and work with other agencies, their constituents and private-sector organizations in order to fulfill a broad range of functions. The continued development of powerful unified communications (UC) platforms is … Read More